เสื้อสายเดี่ยว GoodLucky ayla

รายละเอียดสินค้า เสื้อสายเดี่ยว GoodLucky ayla

🍒sexy sports bra for hot women

comfortable, not super-comfortable, agile.🍒

japanese rib 100% thick texture, good quality

beautiful shape crop top

super good chest support

* fabric: cotton60 % poly35 % pu5 % pu5 %

2-year-old by-1-year-old by-1-year-old, the-top-to-1-year-old ()), the-old, the-old, the-male, the-old,, the-top, the-old, the-old, the-old, the-top, the-top, the-top, the-to-to-top, the-to-to-to-to-to-

✔️ round chest 23-36″

✔6 “length

❤ready to ship 8 colors.❤:





✔️limited salmon


✔hot pink


* please note with reading tattoo

we are factory.

so the product is ready to ship.

clothes in the store is free size.

-a picture of the shop is not licensed to use if not licensed

-find out the store’s law and adjust 10,000 ฿/picture

delivery of moon-saturn

: cut off the shop before 11:00 pm fixing time in the system

-cash on delivery, cod

-stop delivery and festival holiday

product name

-customer need video before opening bags only

-products with false or damaged damaged color, the model can be able to alert.

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