Taylor Baby BT1-e กีตาร์โปร่งไฟฟ้า

รายละเอียดสินค้า Taylor Baby BT1-e กีตาร์โปร่งไฟฟ้า

The ¾-size BabyTaylor firmly established the travel guitar category years ago and today ismore popular than ever. At the heart of it all is an authentic guitar sound andinviting playing experience. Featuring a layered sapele back andsides and a top of solid Sitka spruce, you can add a capo, high-string it, tuneit down, play it around the campfire, help your kids form their first guitarchords, and more. Another handy feature on this edition is the ExpressionSystem Baby™ (ES-B) pickup, which incorporates piezo design elements fromthe Taylor ES2. The pickup is powered by an onboard preamp with a built-indigital chromatic tuner. The preamp/tuner unit features an LED display fortuning and low battery indication, along with Tone and Volume controls.



A¾-size Dreadnought that yields a surprising amount of tone.


Top Woods

Thesoundboard choice for most guitars, Sitka spruce produces a broad dynamic rangeand accommodates a versatile range of playing styles.


Body Woods

Layeredwood construction is used to offer attractive, durable and affordable models.

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